Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Team Teemu is Back

At the beginning of this season, many people email me about who I think would be a darkhorse in making some noise in the their fantasy game. I thought about it for a little, thinking about the people who could come out of utter obscurity and I came up with one name: Teemu Selanne. Some people looked at his stats in Colorado (16g, 16a) and thought I was crazy. Thankfully, he is proving me right.

Whether it be the location change back to a familiar place or the pressure of not having to win or if it was just the ability to play more-- Selanne has gotten back to his old ways. So far in 74 contest, Selanne has 38 goals and 46 assist for 84 points. Ironically enough, that's his highest point total since the end of his last tenure with the Mighty Ducks in '99-'00. And back then, he was with his buddy Paul Kariya.

The big mistake that Selanne made was going to Colorado with Kariya. We all know the Avalanche are a deep, talented team, but it's for that reason that neither Selanne or Kariya could get their game started. They were lost amongst the other talented players on the roster and got lost in the fold.

However, Selanne was able to latch onto the Ducks with Brian Burke, which was his best career move yet. Along with the young talent like Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, the Ducks are on the verge of getting clinching a playoff spot and could be a team to beat in the playoffs with how well they've been playing in the last month or so. So, poolies-- if the Ducks get in, I wouldn't count out Selanne as one of your top picks.

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