Monday, April 24, 2006

Playoff Viewing Do's and Don'ts

Granted, this has no scientific value to any of this, but we have all been there. You're at your house, someone else's house, or even your local drinking establishment trying to watch a playoff game, but there's one thing or another that is not allowing you to enjoy the game to it's fullest potential. Hopefully, this handy-dandy method can help you out of those binds and make it easier for you to enjoy the game, without having to be "that guy/girl" in the process.


1a. DO show up in your team's gear: The playoffs are a sacred time, and you should be putting your alliance out there. You don't want to be called a bandwagoner when you've been down since day one, right?? Then show up in your hockey best and make sure you tell people loud and clear, without saying a word. Of course....

1b. DON'T pull a David Puddy: There is too much of supporting your team. We all remember that "Seinfeld" episode where David Puddy joins the gang for a Devils/Rangers game and goes a little too much in "supporting the team."

2. DO help out when it comes to refreshments: If you're heading over a buddy's house to watch the game, make sure you pick up something to bring to the table. Whether it be a case of liquid refreshments or some bags of chips, make sure you put something out on the table to help the cause.


3. Unless it's about the games, DON'T talk: It's all well and good to have something to say about some other topic, but if the game is going on; please be respectful to those who are trying to watch the game and keep your conversations until intermission or after the game. Some people actually like to hear what those jobbers are talking about in the booth.

4. DO vote on games (multiple game situation): If there are two games on, take a vote of those there to see what you will put your focus on. If the game you are watching is a blow out, then by all means, change the channel to the other game if it is close. If the game is not close in the second one, take another vote. However, if your team is the ones getting blown out-- then you probably don't want to watch that monstrosity.

5a. DO be vocal (residency only): There's going to be a lot of armchair coach's out there in the playoffs, so it's going to be hard not to keep your emotions to yourself. Plus, since you're in a tight knit group with your buds, then they'll understand, especially if they are rooting for the same club. Just remember Rule 3 and don't let the frustration take over too much.

5b. DON'T be obnoxious (outings only): If you're in a bar or other places where there is a TV with the game on, make sure that you try and keep your thoughts to yourself. Not everyone in the place is watching the game, and if they are, its' very rare they want to hear what you would have done (or did do in your day).

6. DO give warnings when play is back on: Nature calls when it is least wanted. That's why you have to be a good host or bud and yell out a warning when the game is back on. That way, whoever is out can stop short or hurry up and finish. Plus, they won't be a bitter bear when they come back and the game is going on.

7. DON'T talk when Don Cherry is on (CBC Games Only): I know I said earlier that intermissions are a good time to talk, but, whether it be the suit or the "what is he going to say next", Grapes is a great way to let the intermission just wash away.

8. DO walk out of the room if a spouse/family member calls: If it's your place, don't talk over the game if a spouse of family member is calling you. Be curtious and walk outside of the viewing area in order to get the discussion done. Sure, you'll miss a little bit of the game, but you will be able to let the others enjoy the game while you handle your business.

9. DO celebrate a goal or big hit: Don't be shy when it comes to your team scoring or laying out a big hit. You're already in the team's gear, may as well show your team spirit and not be a wallflower in the process.


10. DON'T gloat about your team's win: If there are like-minded fans out there, then give a couple of high-fives, take it in stride, but don't overdo it, especially if there is someone in your clique that is a fan of the other team. This pretty much goes with Rule 5b up there. Yet, if this is a rivalry game/series, then no-holds-barred in the insults or gloating.

11. DO chip in for a round (outings only): If you're feeling really good after your team's win, then help out the bar by chipping in for a couple of drinks afterwords. It's all in good fun, but make sure you have enough help in order to cover the tabs.

12. DO help clean up (residency only): If you're out at someone else's house, at least attempt to chip in cleaning up or make it a little more organized than when you came in. You don't have to do everything, but at least clean up your mess and something that someone overlooked. You would want someone to help you out after a big mess, wouldn't ya??

13. DON'T be stupid if you've had too many: It's a long haul out there for everyone, don't be a jackass and think you can drive home when you have had too many wobbly pops in you. Since you're at a place you know, call a cab and get yourself home safely. You can pick up your car tomorrow. Especially since the coppers will be out there with checkstops, it's better safe than sorry.

These 13 steps are just the start. If you have a suggestion about what should be added, drop us a line at the Show and we'll review and add accordingly. To be really on the nose, put in where your rule would go in the whole scheme of things.

Like I said, this has no scientific involvement in it, this is just past occurrences and occurrences of others that I've pulled this from. I'm sure you all have been in some kind of situation whether it's been in hockey or otherwise.

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