Thursday, April 27, 2006

Game(s) Three Notebook

The first half of Game Fours are up tonight, but there are no chances of a sweep. Whereas the next set of games do have the possibility of two sweeps, the Avs over the Stars (who saw that one) and the Devils over the Rangers. However, before we look into the future, we have to step into the past.

-Isn't it great to see what the Ottawa Senators and Calgary Flames can do when they really can play up to their full potential. Both the Sens and Flames took control of the game in game three and both won by at least three goals. With guys like Kristian Huselius and Peter Schaefer coming through in the clutch, the pressure is not on the stars to be the only means of offense.

-The Avs are playing great hockey and I'll be one of the first to admit I was wrong about the series. They have Jose Theodore to thank. It's not for his stellar play, because that's an oxymoron-- the Avs are playing better to compensate for the awful play of Theodore. The Avs blew leads in the past two games, but luckily were able to pull it out in Overtime. Plus, we get to see Milan Hejduk actually play to his potential.

-The Edmonton Oilers are playing like they should: with nothing to lose. Like said last night on the show, I hate both the Red Wings and Oilers, but I'd like to see a Battle of Alberta in the playoffs. That would be just an amazing atmosphere. Note to Edmonton fans, stop wasting Alberta beef by throwing it on the ice. It's a waste of good beef.

-The Flyers/Sabres series is going to be a riot. With Denis Gauthier's goonish ways, it could get very bloody, very quickly. Of course, Lindy Ruff could put Andrew Peters out there so it gets settled, but it could turn into a Gauthier turtle-fest. Also, the chants of "USA-USA-USA" really confuse the hell out of me. I understand that Ryan Miller got snubbed, but I don't see how it's really relevant to the series. Whatever, mang.

-The loss of Saku Koivu could be a big hit to the Habs. That, and the fact that former Red Deer Rebel Cam Ward is now the miracle goalie of the playoffs. The young kid is a stud and if he's allowed to keep playing in net, he could actually steal the series for them. Didn't we see this before with the Canes in the playoffs??

-The Sharks/Predators series really is a battle of who-could-care-less in the media. It's the bastard step-child to anything in the East and West, while it does have some great match-ups. Vesa Toskala playing amazingly, Chris Mason trying to fill Tomas Vokoun's shoes, the special teams, the speed, the's a great series, if anyone knew about it outside of Nashville and the Bay Area.

Gear up for Game Four folks, this could be a make or break games for many of the teams in the series, which could cause for some freaking out going on in some war rooms.

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