Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The King of Old School

Now, I'm not talking about Steve Corino, though he is one guy who is great at promos and a helluva straight shooter, but I'm talking about Josh Harding. For those who haven't seen Harding when playing for the Houston Aeros or in his NHL debut against St. Louis, Harding is big on the old school of goaltending. His mask has an homage to those before him in the full faced mask. Now, his pads have taken it a step further:

I have to say, those are one of the cooler sets of pads out there. The set goes well with the Wild jerseys and for the fact that Minnesota is the "State of Hockey." Also, it's another form of retro that some may have no seen before. Though Andy Moog did try to resurrect the brown pads back in '93-'94, but it didn't work too well for him.

However, in the end, it shows that Harding doesn't forget those before him and that he respects the heritage of the game he is playing. Some players in different sports can wear retro unis and clothing, but not really know about the actual heritage that comes with it.

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