Monday, April 03, 2006

Logo Madness

If you haven't been able to see it yet, the Anaheim Ducks reportedly had a leak of their proposed new logo and wordmark for when the name change happens at the end of this season. Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Community was all over it. The picture below is what is being circulated around the web. This shot was apparently taken by a Kings fans on his phone and posted on the Let's Go Kings boards, which explains the quality:It looks a little odd, for sure, but you have to give points for originality. The webbed-footed "D" and different colors is a change of pace, but like my wife said-- we need to find the laughing dog to help this duck hunt along. Of course, I went as far as saying that they need sponsorship from Bass Pro Shops, but you get the idea.

This could be the start of the a whole slough of changes for some teams either logo wise or jersey wise, but I don't know if it will happen. With RBK not going the "swift" design route like some have thought, it will definitely be interesting to see what the actual jersey and logo looks like when they unveil it either before or after the Cup Finals.

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