Thursday, June 01, 2006

Where's a Horseshoe When You Need It??

That's the question that the Sabres are asking themselves right now before Game Seven. Now, I'm sure they are not looking for Lucky the former mascot of the Kentucky Thoroughblades, but just for some kind of luck and help on their defensive unit. Especially now when the worst case scenario has happened.

It was announced today that Jay McKee is still in Buffalo tending to a seriously infected cut on his shin, which he attained during the 2nd Round match-up against the Ottawa Senators. Apparently, while blocking a shot, McKee's shin got cut which led to the infection.

You add this to the injuries to Dmitri Kalinin, Henrik Tallinder, and Teppo Numminen; it's spelling doom for the Sabres' hopes at the Cup. Sadly, Jeff Jillson, Nathan Paetsch, and Rory Fitzpatrick are not yet up to snuff when it comes to playoff hockey. They're great young defenseman, but you can't top the shot blocking and leadership that McKee and the others bring to the table. Plus, that's another big minute defenseman that the Sabres will somehow have to replace. Even with all that, if there's a team that can pull off a daunting task, it's the Sabres.

However, for some reason, I think the Cup finals would be a better match-up for the Hurricanes did win. I would have two fairly healthy teams playing against each other tooth and nail, rather than have it one-sided due to injuries or otherwise. Granted, that would ruin the playoff pool the family is in, since we have J-P Dumont and Thomas Vanek left, but we're in 7th place out of 8th, so I don't think those two could do much anyway.

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