Monday, June 26, 2006

Edmonton's Most Hated

Somewhere, Mike Comrie is smiling. He is smiling because he knows with the developments of this past weekend, he is no long the most hated player in the eyes of Oiler fans. Of course, it could all change soon enough.

If you had heard, Chris Pronger has requested a trade apparently do to him and his wife not feeling comfortable in the Edmonton area. This is not hearsay, this is not rumor-- his agent came out and said it to the Edmonton Sun and the press at large on Saturday.

To the Edmonton fans I've heard from, they are not too impressed by this decision. I think every fan can relate to that, especially if they have been in their town forever. Granted, if it actually is a bad town; some people could see that happening. Regardless, you really shouldn't make that public unless you can deal with the hounding and heckling that will happen in the grand scheme of things.

Now, the thought was that his wife didn't like it there, and that's fine. It's hasn't been the first time this has happened. However, when he agent said that Chris wasn't too fond of Edmonton either, I think that is what put it over the edge, especially since the Oiler faithful know all about players' having their wives or girlfriend decide where they should play, right Petr Nedved??

Now, it's a matter of whether or not Pronger will get traded and to wear. Obviously, this puts Kevin Lowe in the driver's seat because he doesn't have to make a deal right away and pretty much stall on a trade if he really wanted to. Yet, I don't know if he'll do that.

Prolonging the situation can not only hurt the player, but the team chemistry as well. The sooner that Lowe finds a deal he likes, he should go ahead and make it. Getting Pronger out of Edmonton sooner will allow the team to find their needs quicker and more effectively, rather than waiting and then trying to throw together something rushed together, which could hurt the team in the long run.

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Anonymous said...

As a Canadian living in St. Louis...I am actually from Edmonton. I understand Ms. Prongers unhappiness with living in the great white north. It can be cold.

I have spent the last 17 years living here is St. Louis and I will never leave. I love this city. I also love Edmonton even though it is a very harsh and cold environment it is still home. However, Chris Pronger signed a contract of which he wants out of. Not because he doesn't like the team or because he and the coaches don't jell. He wants out because his wife is unhappy. This is not how professional athlete's should conduct themselves.

Pronger is now viewed by his home country as Kurt Warner was during Brenda Gate. Mrs. Pronger has tarnished her husband in a country that holds the Stanley Cup as a national symbol...much like the American Liberty bell. For Mrs. Pronger to set her personal satisfaction ahead of her husbands life long dream of pursuing Lord Stanley's Cup...I find leaves a very bad taste in the mouth of this Canadian. She knew she was marrying a professional athlete when she said yes.

How would Cardinal fans react if Ms. Pujols demanded that her husband seek a different city to play in, because she didn't like living in St. Louis. From the sounds of it Mrs. Pronger spent most of her time back in St. Louis. So did she even really give Edmonton a fair and honest chance. Remember, living in a city is about relationships and people, fostering friendships and a willingness to create new friends. Unfortunately that may be a skill that she lacks. I find it even harder to believe that she was unhappy when western Canadians pride themselves on their friendliness and hospitality.

If Pronger gets traded again, how can we believe that she will be happy anywhere else. If she hasn't demonstrated the maturity that is expected from a wife of a super star in Edmonton. Who really believes she will demonstrate that character trait anywhere else.

I believe Mrs. Pronger needs to grow up!
Could we just trade them both to the city of Winnipeg?

St. Louis, Mo.