Wednesday, May 31, 2006

End of the Power Brokers

In my head, I had a long, drawn out, probably nonsensical ranting and raving about the hiring of somewhat unknowns to the GM positions. Luckily for me...and for you, our good buddy James Mirtle pretty much did it for me in a clear, concise way so you don't have to try and translate my jibber-jabber.

Pretty much to add to what Mirts said, when you look up and down the NHL GM ranks, the real big "power" brokers are really Glen Sather and Ken Holland. These guys were the ones who always got the checkbook out for whomever was on the market. Pierre Lacroix was another guy who would make the most surprising moves on deadline day and in the free agent pool in the summer. With his departure, you wonder how long it will be before all the big money GMs are gone.

Yet it's all about the evolution of the game. It started with the salary cap and the rules, but you could almost see someone like Lacroix seeing the writing on the wall when the limit wallet to go on. Not that it's a bad thing, of course, you'll have more guys looking out for not only what's good for the product on the ice, but also the final product on the spreadsheet.

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