Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So....What's Next??

With the conclusion of the NHL season last night, the question is what's going to happen now in the world of the NHL off-season. To be honest, the next two to three weeks should be the busiest we'll see until training camps. Here's a little rundown of what's going down in the next little while:

June 15th-30th: Teams can buyout any player they feel isn't worth it. Now, there hasn't been many names named, but some people have thrown out Tie Domi, Ed Belfour, and Bill Guerin. Whether or not we'll see as much action as we did last year remains to be seen.

June 22nd: The NHL Awards take place in Vancouver with all the awards being handed out.

June 24th: The NHL Draft, where the class of '07 will be unveiled. More importantly, there could be some trade activity on this day, as well-- so keep your eye peeled or that. We'll probably be doing some blogging, but I'll update on that later.

June 30th: Don't be surprised if some teams trade the rights to some of their UFAs to other teams. This has been done for years, but don't think much of it. This is just for teams who have the UFAs to get some draft picks in return for their departing players.

July 1st: At 12:01AM ET, the Free Agent Market is open for business. It'll will be interesting to see who goes where in this Cap world, but I wouldn't rule out some big time players heading elsewhere.

That's about it for the schedule. Really, after the two hectic weeks, the fact of the matter is that it's a dead pull until early-September when the training camps actually start.

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