Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ticket Restrictions

While I was on the IntoTheBoards message boards, an article from the Buffalo News was posted on there. Apparently, the Carolina Hurricanes and RBC Center are restricting the ticket sales of the Eastern Conference Finals to the states bordering North Carolina. When some Sabres fans were trying to get tickets for a voyage to North Carolina, they got this message:

"Sales to this event will be restricted to residents of bordering states," with residency based on credit-card address. "Orders by residents outside of this area will be canceled without notice and refunds given."
This kind of trend started when Ted Leonsis restricted Penguins fans buying tickets to a series against the Capitals. However, that was because of the history these two teams have and the fact that Penguins fans used to come in droves to watch these match-ups. With a rivalry like that, I can understand the reason.

Even though there is no recent memory rivalry
, I can still understand what the Hurricanes are trying to do out of this. Now, the pressure is on those fans in North Cacka-lacka (as the kids say) to swoop in and get those tickets. If the Canes restrict the sale of the tickets to those in Western New York and people don't show up, then that looks bad on the Canes. However, it could be a success if the RBC Center is rocking full of Canes supporters.


Random Thoughts, Musings, and Dirty Diapers said...

Not so sure this has as much to do with the Hurricanes banning Sabres fans as it does with protecting themselves from selling tickets above face value. North Carolina has a law that limits scalping to $3.00 over face value. In the 02 Finals, we had tons of people swooping in from all over to pick up tickets and sell at huge profits.

I wish it had as much to do with banning tickets to opposing fans, as Buffalo papers would lead us to believe. Unfortunately, though, if they did their homework and looked at how TO overran the RBC in the 02 ECF, they'd see this really isn't true. We had thousands of Leafs fans down here.

ScottyWazz said...

It just ups the gamesmanship, for sure; but it's kind of a misnomer saying that TO overran the RBC. TO fans are all over the place and could overrun any building in the NHL.

Random Thoughts, Musings, and Dirty Diapers said...

Agreed! It added something special to that round, that's for sure. Of course, we won the round. Not sure if I'd say that if the tables were turned! (-:

Plus I don't think Kormanos is the smart software guy that Leo is (wow, never thought I'd admit that!) in devising a way to block out of staters. (-;

fastmari said...

It couldn't be any sorrier of a "business plan", to be refusing to sell tickets, when the house has yet to be sold out, for the rationale that ticket scalpers are only people that live OUTSIDE of NC, SC, TN, VA and WV ! I like the business plan Jesus professed, for the parable of the rich man's wedding party, when his "friends" didn't care to show up, he didn't want to look bad with a half-empty, half-filled house, so he ordered servants to go out and bring in everything with two legs they could find. That, in the case of the RBC center, the Canes and poor, crippled fans like me who couldn't really afford a $50 night for us, never mind $50 - $250 seats apiece now that the House is scalping onto fans. The hurricanes owners and business promoters have really blown these first few years on a bad plan, which they admitted 2 years ago and lowered the tickets by a few dollars, a joke really in the real world where most people live. The problem is that the owners/promoters have been blinded, by their own choice, by dollar signs of all the wealthy businesses and individuals that live here. The trouble is that the Canes don't sell t-shirts and sox or gasoline, cuz everyone needs gas, sox and shirts, eventually. They sell ice hockey games, which ice hockey fans buy into. Now, there's bound to be a modest amount of fan conversion and fan-runoff from other sports and folks who just have a lot of time and money on their hands and need to keep themselves entertained, but it still won't fill the RBC seats for Saturday's game, and especially not during the long early season before people get excited about having local winners, heroes, celebs on their doorstep and get all proud, as if it were their win.
I so SO SSSOOOOO much want to get me and my husband to that game on Saturday, or anytime after that, he works 6 days a week and often has to do my farm-chores when I can't get out of bed much. I know one reason there are some empty seats are the unused block tickets that many businesses hold onto but don't have employee fans to give them to. That's how we first got to go, for 2 yrs, thru a previous employer of his. We used to call up everyone we knew, to get to give away the rest of the tickets we were given. Many times, tickets were left locked in a drawer at work, in case some business-contact came in and they wanted to impress them, leaving us home chewing on the radio during the game. I am sick of chewing on the radio. I can't afford cable for 12 months just so we can see a few games. TWC refused to even service us, as our driveway is longer than they want to ditchwitch. Please, if you know someone holding onto unused tickets that they are not going to sell to someone, please call us, email us soon: 919-554-2106, fastmari@peoplepc.com