Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Around the Rink 02.06.07

Sean Avery is on the move again, this time to the New York Rangers. Along with Avery, the LA Kings sent John Seymour to New York for Jason Ward, Marc-Andre Cliche, and Jan Marek. Avery had 28 points and 116 PIMs on the year, while Ward has 10 points.

Another move for the Kings to rebuild their team. Added to it, Avery will get a chance to play on a real contender and either show what he's got or fail miserably on the world's biggest stage. Aside from depth, Avery was probably brought in to be the agitator for the Rangers and maybe spark the Rangers a bit. One thing is for sure, if Avery tries anything stupid on or off the ice, you can bet guys like Brendan Shanahan will be all over him.

Also, good to see a Cliche on the move.

Obviously Sidney Crosby is going to be a target on the ice, to which he has been in the past month or so. With a spear from Jason Blake, a suspected butt-end from Maxim Lapierre, and an inadvertent high-stick from Francois Bouillon; Crosby has gotten attention both on a off the ice. Many feel that he goes down like a ton of bricks whenever he is touched. Granted, on the Blake and Lapierre happenings, they were in Mellon Arena; which could mean Jean-Claude Van-Damme is on the case.

However, a couple things need to be addressed in this situation: (1) The Pens need someone to protect Crosby before it's too late. One of these time, it won't be an embellishment and could destroy the Pens season. (2) If it's such an embellishment, why don't the refs call it or the NHL fine him?? I know Crosby is trying to get the calls with the Pens power-play being lethal; but still-- they shouldn't treat Crosby or Alex Ovechkin or Joe Thornton any differently than they treat Dominic Moore, Kris Beech, or Mike Grier.

Finally, for any reporters to read this (I doubt many, but still), stop giving him a free pass, like Bob McKenzie has. I don't care if he's 19 or 91, if you're going to play in this league, you should face the same amount of ridicule and scrutiny whether you're a rookie or in your final year. Sure, the maturing process will take longer, but the quicker you whip someone like Crosby into shape, the better player and person he'll become in the long run.

The Flames will retire Mike Vernon's #30 tonight. Vernon lead the Flames to their only Stanley Cup in 1989, going 16-5 in that run to the Cup. Vernon won the Cup and Conn Smythe while in Detroit in 1997, then pretty much faded into oblivion.

Now, the question is-- will the Flames be like other teams and take what seems to be two hours to raise the jersey to the rafters?? We'll find out tonight.

Brandon Bochenski is another player on the move again-- this time to Beantown. Bochenski was traded from Chicago for a conditional draft pick. Bochenski had 33 goals and 33 assists in the AHL this season. However, that's the knock on Bochenski; he does really well in the AHL, but when it comes time to perform in the show, he disappears. With the Bruins dealing with injuries, now is the time for Bochenski to make an impact.

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