Tuesday, November 15, 2005

They Must Be Chopped Liver

As I was sitting up in the Saddledome press box during the pre-game skate before the Calgary Hitmen/Prince Albert Raiders game, I decided to take a look into the Hockey Now publication I picked up in the Ed Whalen Press Suite downstairs in the bowels of the 'Dome. As I was looking at the fine, fine publication, I came across something that make me more than a little disturbed.

It wasn't the fact that the "Pump" is back on RBK's new skates, but that it was just saturated with Sidney Crosby as the RBK poster boy. Then I go back and check the press release from RBK and they claim that Crosby is a "hockey hero" and will be starring in a new ad campaign. Once again, not that disturbing, but a little over the top, don't you think??

I know that Crosby does have the skill and all that jazz to be hyped, and so he should. The kid is a good player and deserves all of the hype, but of course-- if you could put me around people who have won Stanley Cups before and could either bury the biscuit or make a tape-to-tape pass while someone is standing in front of a yawning cage, then Jason Bonsignore could have been a 50+ goal scorer in his rookie year and may have actually had a career that lasted more than 79 NHL games.

I think this is all stemming from the fact a majority of the news/sports outlet are having a slurpfest with Crosby and his rookie season. They are ignoring the fact that there are several other rookies out there who could be considered better than Crosby since some don't have all the tools Crosby has around him to get him the points. Point in case, if you swapped Alexander Ovechkin with Sidney Crosby-- how many more points do you think Ovechkin would have with an actual team around him?? Do you think Crosby could get all the points he has now with no team around him?? Do you think Crosby could create plays like Ovechkin has done with the Caps this year??

It seems everyone is missing the point when it comes to the Calder Trophy. Sidney Crosby actually hasn't won it yet because it hasn't been given out. Now, the odds are in his favor because of the fact every writer that matters in the vote is buying into the hype. As sick as it is, I almost hope he flops and goes out with injury just to see if all the people covering him will follow his every move in recovery or scurry around not knowing what to do because they are so one-dimensional when it comes to the rookie race right now.

There are some rookies that most of the casual fans might not know. Here's a little list with a blurb about each one next to it:

Alexander Ovechkin: He was going to be the ROTY if there was a season last year, but he doesn't mind being passed over because that only fuels him more.

Dion Phaneuf: Since he's a defenseman, Phaneuf may not get much notice, but players on the ice are taking notice with his hits and play out on the blue line. Oh, yeah, he has 13 points this year so far.

Jeff Carter: After a slow start, Carter is showing he could be a contender in the Calder race. If he can keep pace, he should be a darkhorse in the voting.

Marek Svatos: Though he's been riddled with injury, he has proven he can hack it in the NHL. There's a chance he could dip, but will bounce back quickly.

Thomas Vanek: Though it took him a while to score a goal, the former Golden Gopher has been dishing out the pucks with the greatest of ease.

Alex Steen: Son of a former NHL, he's a rookie on the Leafs many didn't think would be the standout on the Buds rosters. He has proven his worth and gotten confiedence from Coach Quinn keeping him in the everyday lineup.

That's just a brief look at the rookies-- there's always a chance of a darkhorse coming on in the second half of the season and completely blowing away the critics and may steal the show. It has happened before and will probably happen again.

The end result on this is pretty much to say, I'm sick of it. If you want to give attention to the rookies, that's fine-- but when you give it to only one out of the plenty quality rookies out there-- it's a travesty. I'm tired of all the sports networks, sans The Score, slurping on Sidney Crosby like he's Jesus Christ on skates. For instance, Sidney Crosby scores a shootout goal with a little "kick start" move and beats Jose Theodore top-shelf. Everyone is all over his jock. However, a week earlier, Ovechkin does the same move against the Thrashers, but went ahead and put it five-hole on the back-hand, but since he plays in Washington, no one cares.

Just remember to mark November 22nd on your calendar because that's when the "super-rookies" face head-to-head for the first time this year. Then you'll get to see who's the better of the two for round one.

This has been ScottyWazz. Take care of yourself and someone else. PEACE!!

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