Wednesday, June 29, 2005

To Fight or Not To Fight.....That is the Question

As many of you may know, promoter Darryl Wolski is trying to get the "Hockey Gladiators" fight event into a local arena, wherever it is. They seemed to have found something in Prince George, British Columbia a few week back. However, at first the Prince George city council decided 5-3 that the event could not go on. So, Wolski then threatens to sue the city because he claims too much has been put into this event. That led the City to re-vote and voted 8-1 that it could happen. Of course, it wasn't the pressure of the lawsuit-- it was the fact they didn't want to waste the taxpayers money to fight a suit that has no merit.

If you remember right, both Winnipeg and Fargo, Minnesota were going to have this last year, but because of legal issues and the threat of the fighters getting arrested; the show was cancelled. I wouldn't be surprised that something like this happens again before the event happens in Prince George.

The City Council also rules that anyone in attendance for the event must be over 18 years old. The Jobber, Wolski, took a snipe at the City by saying something to the effect that "many kids see fights in the WHL, but whatever."

I think Wolski forgets that fighting DURING an actual hockey game is different than having washed up "players" fight in a boxing-esque match.

If you want more about Wolski and why he's gone insane-- check out an article posted by the good folks at and learn why he is the way he is.

So, this brings up the age-old question-- are you in favor of an event like this?? Well, if you listened to the show in the past, you know that Jonny P is against it, while Marc "with a 'c'" is for it. Sean is on the fence with me. However, I'm in the "on one hand" camp. What do I mean??

Well, on one hand, this event shows what these guys were signed in their leagues to do-- fight. It's a skills event for the pugalist in hockey to show off what they can do with other pugalist. They have skills events for guys who can skate, score, and save-- why not have one for the fighters. Plus, hockey is a unique game. It's the only sport to allow fighting in the game as part of the "norm." Why not show off one of the unique parts of the game??

That being said, on the other hand, this is a gongshow-- plain and simple. It's a money grab for the promoter and the fighters alike. I'm not against making money for what you're good at-- but to show the sport as this is something that happens all the time and this is what makes the money in hockey-- it's ludicrous. Not only that, but this part of the game creates the more ire when it comes to people not wanting violence anywhere in the world. The game has enough bad publicity as it is-- it doesn't need this "dog-and-pony-show" mucking up the works of the game more so.

So, you could probably put me more on the "No, sir I don't like it" portion of the fence. But with good reasoning. With the NHL the way it is-- there's not need to have this sort of garbage in the hockey world. Sure, for people who only like the fighting aspect of the game above all else, it's they heaven, but for people who like the game as a whole-- it's a bit of a smack in the face. Sure-- the act of fighting is a part of the game-- but not as frequent as we would like to think. Plus-- to glorify someone in the UHL for being the best fighter in the game is a smack in the fact to guys like Bob Probert, Tie Domi, Donald Brashear and so on.

If this event were to be taken really seriously and not just a money grab-- how come more NHLers haven't show interest in this event?? I mean, wasn't Tony Twist going to be highlighting his event 18 months ago-- where is his now?? Probably sitting back and laughing at this mockery of the game like most of the hockey world is doing.

This has been ScottyWazz. Take care of yourself and someone else. PEACE!!

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