Monday, February 28, 2005

NHLPAHL?? Euro Elite League??

There has been many people in the past couple of days talking about how the players could be forming a new league under their control. This has also been fueled by the comments by Jeremy Roenick today saying that they players have a "plan B" if need be. However, how logical and feasible is it??

Granted, for the players to have their own league and have to deal with all the ownership issues, day-to-day facility maintaince, and all the fun stuff that has to go with being an owner. That could either show them how hard it is to be an owner or how easy it is to control the destiny of their own team and employees. The players could think they would be on easy street with this idea, but how much do you think that they'll try and use someone elses money in order to get the job done for them??

You have to realize that if this league doesn't fly, the players will have to look at some way in order to cut even for their investment. Whether this means getting a wealthy investor or just getting out of the business altogether, then you can bet they'll do it.

Running a league isn't all as easy as some people may think. Just ask those fine folks at the IHL, WCHL, and the WHA2. It's not as it's cracked up to be. Those in this venture would have to find some ice time, find some people to do their marketing, find employees to work in the office to set up some of the ticket sales and everything, and so on and so forth.

If the players want to get their own league started. Good on them, they need to find a way to see it from the other sides. However, I think we'll see the European Elite League before we'll see the PA's league off the ground.

Speaking of the Euro Elite League, our good buddy Lyle Richardson wrote a little about it in his Fox Sports column. He mentioned about how it's been brought up in the past by some hockey pundits, but making the talk become a reality is definitely harder than meets the eyes.

If they players and owners over in Europe want to try something out like that-- then good on them too. You have to realize that this will help the respective countries keep their star prodigies and will let those owners reap the benefits of having that at their disposal. Of course, this will expose hockey even more and to a wider audience.

Of course, what will become of the North American game?? Well-- if you look at history, you would have to think the game would have to go back to the early-80's and the "Firewagon" style of the game where it was hard-hitting, high scoring, and very wide open. Of course, this is just speculation because of the primarily North American players in the early-80's. Something like a wide open and hard-hitting could be a deal-breaker for some fans turned off by this whole lockout situation.

The fans will have a choice in the long run, much like some of them have now. With the minor leagues and some of these leagues that are supposedly going to play, people will have the ability to choose where they want to spend they cold, hard cash.

This has been ScottyWazz. Take care of yourself and someone else. PEACE!!

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Pat Hoffman said...

Pat Hoffman here. I have an idea that probably wouldn't fly with the NHL but I think it is something that could help the game out.

Why not create a division of European teams in the National Hockey League? It would be one division with teams like Russia, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, etc. It could do wonders for the game.

One, there would definitely be some open hockey if the new rule changes were implemented. Lots of odd man rushes and scoring chances would occur. There would be some excitement to the game.

Two, it would establish a whole new fan base, thus, bringing in more revenue for the owners. By establishing a whole new fan base, the game would be put back on the map.

Three, we would truly get to see the best players in the world compete against one another.

I know that there could be many complications with something like this but I still think it is a good idea at least.